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Here are some common questions we get. If you don’t come right – just ask us a question below.

How are services prices calculated?

The amount is calculated on the amount of work and the complexity of the work required. This being said – we still do our best to offer you the lowest possible prices.

are there set-up fees for SEO?

No, we do not charge set up fees for your SEO services. this can be costly for a business which has other marketing channels they are financially vested in.

How do we get started with geeworx?

It’s very simple. You tell us what you need via email or telephonically and we then plan and analyse the requirements. We send you the price and if you agree then we get started right away.

how long does a logo design take?

This very much depends on the client requirements. We can complete a logo design within 2-3 days but if there are changes that the client requires it would obviously take a bit longer. We work on our graphics until our clients are satisfied

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